Limited Edition Collaboration Between 7-11 x Sanrio Hello Kitty x Lowrys Farm & Karen Millen ! 😍

7-ELEVEN launches HELLO KITTY and the Japanese and British popular brands have joined hands with fashion brands to launch various boutiques! Collection starts on 22 April, 2020. In addition to co-branding with the world-famous HELLO KITTY from Sanrio, two popular brands that are loved by women KAREN MILLEN in the UK and LOWRYS FARM from Japan have also been recruited to create a tripartite cross-border cooperation. British fashion and elegance and Japanese fresh texture design are perfectly presented. It combines Eastern and Western brands to create different popular fashion classic designs.

According to 7-11, majority of the collection are given out randomly and all are limited edition (some only have 30000 pieces worldwide).


1) Limited Double Wall Ceramic Mug – Withholding lid design, 350ml capacity, size about H15cm x D9cm. Total of 8 designs

2) Limited Fashion Design Umbrella – Size when close is 5cm x 24cm and open is 56cm x 97cm. Total of 4 designs

3) A card holder coin purse portable mirror set – comes with 3 card slots and 1 coin compartment. Total of 2 designs, and limited to 30,000 in total.

Card holder coin purse size: about L13cm x W1cm x H9cm (without strap)
Portable mirror size: pink version about W0.5x diameter 8cm (without key ring); black version about L11xW1xH7cm (without key ring)

4) Limited Fashion Tote Bag – Water-resistant PVC material, very spacious about W26cm x H26cm x D12cm. A total of 4 designs, limited to 105,000 pieces.

5) Limited 30L foldable storage stool: There are 2 designs in total. Limited to 30,000 pieces. 30L large capacity x The wooden structure chair and stool can withstand a weight of about 80 kg; the imitation leather texture x chair cover adds upholstery, making it easy to sit and clean; tool-free installation, foldable, and does not take up space. Size: about W35xH35xD35cm

6) Limited 40L roller storage basket with a double-sided thin quilt: 2 designs in total, limited to 20,000 pieces. The quick-release bracket is easy to assemble; the intimate pulley is easy to move; the handle design is easy to carry; the water-repellent meter cloth is easy to clean; the cotton bundle mouth can be stretched and dustproof; Fold for storage. Expanded size: about L42xW26xH60cm (including pulleys) / Storage size: about L42xW26xH9cm (including pulleys)

7) Limited double-sided thin quilt: a total of 2 designs, you can choose one. Limited to 30,000 pieces. Comfortable and breathable fabric, soft to the touch; double-sided design, can change with your mood; with double zipper bag, easy to store. Size: about L200xW150cm


1) Limited LED table lamp vanity mirror: Total of 2 designs. Limited to 20,000 pieces. can fill light makeup mirror, making it more convenient to dress up; desk lamp three-stage brightness x three light colors, which can be changed at will; the mirror surface can be turned 180 degrees, and the base can accommodate small objects. Size: about W20xH36xD20cm, voltage: AC110V

2) Limited electric hairdressing comb: 2 designs in total. A total of 10,000 are limited. Automatic constant temperature control, the highest temperature is about 180℃; ceramic comb teeth for soft hair; 1.85m long power cord x360 degree anti-winding design Size: about L27xW7xD4.6cm, voltage: AC110V

3) Limited 4L hard-shell cosmetic case: 2 designs in total. A total of 20,000 are limited. Built-in cosmetic mirror, easy to store brushes; double zipper design, easy to open and easy to use; texture PU leather, water repellent, easy to clean. Size: about W24.5xH15xD15.5cm (without handle)


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